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What Questions Define Our Learning and Development Culture?

I have been given the task of defining the learning and development culture of our workforce (using Six Sigma tools). What type of questions should be included in our first employee survey? They need to be kept simple and to avoid "bias" in the responses. — Finding Who Are We, HR administrative assistant, manufacturing, Sydney, Australia
January 30, 2014
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Dear Finding Who We Are:

You certainly want your questions to focus on all aspects of learning and development, not just the Six Sigma trainings.

You want to make sure they understand financial literacy. A question such as: "We understand and apply metrics to drive bottom-line results" will help you get there.

Another good question: "My supervisor supports me in my personal and professional development." This one gets to the attitude of your supervisors – very important in assessing the effectiveness of the culture.

The question: "Our leaders support our Six Sigma work without qualification" will ensure that everyone from the front line to the top line is on the same page.

Getting to the heart of Six Sigma, you'll want to ask the following:

·       My thoughts and feelings are valued by my superiors.

·       We always look for continuous, never-ending improvement.

·       I am able to make a meaningful contribution to the organization.

·       Our culture values training and development.

Finally, make sure your leaders are supporting people: "We focus on what is really important and are able to do our jobs without interference."

Hit these high spots and you develop a solid survey that provides meaningful results.

SOURCE: Joyce L. Gioia, President/CEO, The Herman Group, Austin, Texas, Dec. 16, 2013


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