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5 Steps to Mastering Sales Performance (5 part webinar series)

Webinar Series Part 1: Changing business dynamics – Delivering support for sales success

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 1:00 PM EDT

Administering your sales force in a steady-state environment is challenging enough. But today, companies must adapt and innovate constantly, by launching new products, entering new sales relationships, and re-focusing sales models to deliver on commitments to management (and to Wall Street!).

Success in sales performance management begins with a well-defined strategy. To accurately allocate credit for sales activities, distribute fair and equitable sales quota targets, and align incentive compensation plans that will drive the desired behaviors, organizations must first understand how the organization’s overall strategy and objectives are defined. Only then can the sales organization begin to define its sales coverage model or territories, plan and allocate quotas and establish incentive plans and performance metrics.

Register for this webinar and learn how sales intelligence data can help you:

  • Create reports and analytics will reveal both the successes and the gaps in your strategy and objectives.
  • Make accurate product or customer assignments, and update comp plans, crediting rules and statements to accelerate sales force readiness for new products, markets or sales goals.
  • Provide updated and accurate sales attainment reporting to communicate sales results against goals and plans.
  • Provide management with timely and accurate insight into sales performance – for new products, geos, customers, and more.


Hassan Mahmood Partner, Compensation Analytics

Bill Sorenson Partner, Compensation Analytics

Kevin Gray Product Marketing Manager, Sales Performance Management IBM Business Analytics

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