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Many Employees--Especially Younger Ones--Aren’t Happy With Their Jobs

A poll finds that regardless of company size or employee age, job satisfaction is in a sorry state.

September 16, 2011
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Employees just aren’t happy at work, according to a new Harris Interactive study. It’s a particular problem at large companies and for younger employees.

According to Harris, “the most disturbing conclusion is how many employees dislike their jobs and do not have good feelings about their employers and senior managers.”

First, the bad news for large firms: Only 25 percent of employees at large employers (at least 5,000 employees) say that “this is the best organization to work for,” compared with 43 percent at companies with fewer than 50 employees. And 38 percent of employees at large companies feel like they’re at a dead end, compared with only 24 percent at small businesses.

As far as age differences go, 59 percent of older employees (at least 55) feel a good deal of pride about their work, but only 37 percent of younger employees are proud.

Harris found that regardless of company size or employee age, the poll painted an ugly picture of job dissatisfaction. Forty-one percent of employees overall are unsatisfied with their jobs, with many feeling that management lacks integrity.

The poll, conducted in June by the Concours Group and Age Wave, surveyed 7,718 U.S. adults working at least 30 hours per week.

For more on employee satisfaction, see the need to ask the right questions; one employee survey used by a small HMO; 10 best practices for employee surveys; and Trident’s employee satisfaction survey.

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