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Five Ways to Improve Foreign Language Training

Experts say goals, job-specific training and human interaction are key to picking up a foreign language for work.

May 16, 2013
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The biggest challenge with corporate language training is the time and effort it takes to become proficient. "It's not a problem you can solve immediately," says Chuck Frydenborg, senior director of corporate sales, North America for Rosetta Stone, a language learning software company.

But it can be done. Experts offer this advice on how to make the most of corporate language training programs.

Set goals: If employees needs to be proficient in a foreign language to do their jobs or to get promoted, let them know exactly what that means, what their timeline is and how many hours they are expected to invest in the training, says Duane March, a language trainer for Mindstorm Group, a training company in Mannheim, Germany. "Then make proficiency part of their performance review."

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