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Part-Time Workers Lag in Benefit Coverage

A chart showing how many part-time employees have access to benefits.

May 29, 2004
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There are nearly 25 million part-time workers in the United States, and they lag behind full-time employees in benefit coverage. But at Starbucks, where 64 percent of the staff is part-time, all employees working at least 20 hours per week have equal access to benefits.

Type of benefit Percentage of U.S. part-timers with access Percentage of U.S. full-timers with access
Retirement 27 68
Health care    
  • Medical
20 84
  • Dental
13 56
  • Vision
8 35
Paid holidays 37 89
Paid sick leave 24 70
Life insurance 10 63
Disability insurance (short-term) 14 47
Bonus and stock options 28 52
Employer-assisted child care 8 16
Source: BLS National Compensation Survey, March 2004

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