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One-On-One Coaching

An outline of eight steps in the coaching process.

May 29, 2004
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One-on-one coaching: Flow of activities

One-to-one executive coaching works through a continuous cycle of assessing a client’s goal, customizing a program, coaching sessions, an analysis of outcomes and making corrections for a successful program.
Steps Activities Outcomes
1. Defining the context Coach meets with leader and sponsor to identify program outcomes and benchmarks. Understand context.
2. Interview with leader Coach conducts extensive interview with leader, listening for commitments, immediate concerns, common breakdowns, behaviors, communication style and pattern of fulfilling promises. Understand leader and the world in which she works and lives—an important part of the assessment process.
3. 360-degree interviews Coach speaks with leader’s team, boss, peers and others who know the leader well. Develop a broad view of the leader that is grounded in multiple perspectives.
4. Assessment and design Coach makes assessment and designs customized program. Design customized program of practices, exercises and reading.
5. Leader and sponsor review Coach presents themes and program design to leader and sponsors, answers questions and revises as necessary. Leader and sponsor both commit to program.
6. Individual coaching meetings (typically 3 hours of coaching per month for 6-12 months) Leader and coach discuss pressing issues and the leader’s progress in developing competencies for the long term. They meet in person when possible and by telephone when needed. Leader becomes more competent, more fulfilled and able to self-correct.
7. Mid-program review Coach meets with leader and sponsor (individually or together) to compare actual outcomes with intended outcomes. Coach makes changes, additions and corrections to program.
8. End-of-program review Coach meets with leader and sponsor (individually or together) to compare actual outcomes with intended outcomes. Celebrate progress. Leader continues to improve without coach and/or commits to continuing relationship with new set of outcomes.
Source: Integral Leadership (a New Ventures West company)
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