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July 29, 2004
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ince 2000, Pearson Reid London House has provided a leading healthcare assessment tool to University of Colorado Hospital. University of Colorado Hospital is the Rocky Mountain region's only academic medical center and has been recognized as one of America's best hospitals, according to U.S. News & World Report. Located in Denver and Aurora, CO, the hospital is part of the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences, one of three campuses in the University of Colorado System. For the tenth consecutive year, University of Colorado Hospital is featured in U.S. News & World Report's annual survey of America's best hospitals. The hospital ranked among the top 50 hospitals in 11 out of 17 medical specialties evaluated by the publication.

University of Colorado Hospital's Need

Founded in 1921, the hospital is the region's only academic tertiary, specialty care and referral center. A 450-bed hospital, the University of Colorado Hospital has more than 700 physicians and specialists on staff, and more than 3,000 employees overall. While already focusing on selecting the best practitioners, professionals and employees to serve its patients and community, the hospital sought to further identify applicants most likely to demonstrate courtesy, responsiveness and concern toward patients, co-workers and others. Importantly, the hospital also sought to reduce its employee turnover. In a competitive healthcare market vying for top employees, and with high costs associated with recruiting them, the hospital sought to identify applicants less likely to turn over quickly.

Our Solution

To help the University of Colorado Hospital better meet its selection needs, Pearson Reid London House has supplied its Quality Healthcare Employee Inventory (QHEI™) assessment. The 108-item instrument was developed specifically for the healthcare industry to help select applicants who exhibit favorable attitudes necessary for quality patient care, including interpersonal cooperation and service attitudes, and other traits such as attitudes toward patient confidentiality, organizational loyalty, training readiness, safety consciousness and adaptability, and can quickly be inserted into an organization's hiring process. The instrument is used by over 100 leading health systems nationwide to help improve selection procedures, including Danbury Health Systems, Columbus Regional Hospital, St. Francis Hospital and Health Centers, Swedish Medical Center and St. Luke's Episcopal Health System. Like our other instruments, the QHEI assessment is available in a standard, prepackaged format, but can also be tailored or customized for clients who wish to assess candidates across additional measures.

How We Did It

Pearson Reid London House assessments are easily configured onto our automated application platforms and offer flexibility to clients with existing hiring processes. For local candidates, University of Colorado Hospital reviews résumés and administers the QHEI assessment via the web at the hospital. For national level recruiting, including Registered Nurse positions, the hospital provides a web link to the assessment for those candidates it wishes to further evaluate. Though the QHEI assessment was initially utilized only for selection in ancillary positions, University of Colorado Hospital began administering the assessment to candidates for all positions after becoming convinced of the effectiveness of the instrument and the process. Individual candidate results, including scale-by-scale evaluation, as well as overall organizational reporting are available via the Pearson Reid London House system, so University of Colorado Hospital can quickly determine which candidates are recommended to continue in its process.

Net Business Result

University of Colorado Hospital quickly became convinced of the value of utilizing the QHEI assessment. Uniform evaluation of candidates after the resume review stage added consistency to the hospital's hiring process, both within job families and organization-wide. Additionally, the hospital found that the assessment was helping it to select more service-oriented staff, and that process automation helped facilitate national level recruiting by significantly reducing costs and cycle time associated with identifying out of state candidates. Significantly for the hospital, a reduction in turnover was attributed to use of the assessment. CARE Team Member and HR Specialist Anne Kidd says, "In the time that we've been using the QHEI assessment, we've tracked a 12 percent decrease in overall turnover. It's become a critical part of our long-term recruiting process."

The Quality Healthcare Employee Inventory can be an important part of a successful hiring program for healthcare organizations. Pearson Reid London House recommends that organizations follow a few basic principles as part of their hiring process:

  • Hire for attitude; train for skill
  • Interviewers have bad days; assessments don't
  • Process efficiencies can help to identify the right people with the right attitudes
  • The best practices lead to the best people
  • Quality RNs and healthcare professionals want to work with quality RNs and healthcare professionals

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To learn more about how Pearson Reid London House solutions can facilitate HR cost savings and help improve employee retention for your organization, please call, click or write:

1 North Dearborn Street, Suite 1600, Chicago, IL 60602 USA

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