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May 5, 2003
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Spare Him the Gurus
By Andy Meisler
Paychex founder and CEO B. Thomas Golisano became very, very successful through brains, drive, and tenacity. Those are the very qualities he wants in the people he hires and trains. "Visionaries" need not apply.

Fast Forward:
25 Trends That Will Change the Way You Do Business
From e-mail to health care, and from artificial intelligence to the end of HR as we know it, here are forecasts of how different the world of workforce management will be 10 years from now.

Analyze This
By Samuel Greengard
Whether it's where to locate a factory for the best labor pool or how a VP of sale should structure incentives, workforce analytics software can help an enterprise sail beyond the flat earth of spreadsheets.

Search and Employ
By Patrick J. Kiger
The biopharmaceutical industry's intense competition for a small pool of elite job candidates requires sharp recruiting tools. Chiron Corporation's staffing director, Anthony Damaschino, shares some of his favorites.

Power to the Line People
By Fay Hansen
There's a revolution in compensation, led by companies like Marriott and Dow. They establish market prices for pay, and let line managers make the salary calls.

Optimas Award: Global Outlook:
A People Strategy That Spans the Globe
By Carroll Lachnit
Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk keeps employees focused on the same critical people-strategy goals, whether they work in Copenhagen or Tokyo.

Between the Lines
Tales from the Dark Side
The diversity debate

The Buzz
A Flawed Look at War Profiteering • SHRM's VP of HR Has a Place at the Table • Raw Data: Guilty, with an Explanation

On the Contrary
It's Passion That Makes the Difference
Shari Caudron meets a master sommelier whose love of wine is intoxication. She suggest that human resources people might want to find that kind of passion for their work, which is so much more important that a silly upstart Merlot.

What Works
Holding Hands with a Tornado
Meet the principal of Wickliffe Elementary School. Tom Terez thinks he might have some workforce answers you're looking for.

Dear Workforce
A quantum leap in executive career planning • Standing out in job marketing • Testing the tests

Case Studies
Taxing Situations for Expatriates
The financial implications of overseas assignments are so complex that it's a wonder companies send anyone over the border. These three companies did it right.

Legal Insight
The Reverse-Discrimination Trap
These claims are often the result of an employer trying to do the right thing: hire more women or people of color. But that's often when white males think they're getting a raw deal.

Think Twice
New Workforce Math
A growing number of companies have decided that traditional human-resources benchmarking doesn't work for them anymore. Todd Raphael looks at the advocates of a new metrics movement.

Product Showcase
Empoyee Benefits

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