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Recruiting with Friends: Why Candidate Experience Is Critical for Zynga

October 15, 2012
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Almost every organization states somewhere on their careers site that attracting great talent is a high priority. CEOs regularly single out the attraction and retention of great people as a top of mind issue. However, in practice not many organizations act this way during their application and hiring process. Job listings should be easy to find and apply for, and the candidate should walk away with a realistic understanding of the job and company culture. Essentially, employers should treat applicants like customers.

Even if the potential candidate/customer fails to buy/apply for something on their first visit, ensuring they leave with a positive impression makes them much more likely to buy/apply next time or recommend the company to a friend. Organizations that are honest, open, and efficient in the way they attract and hire people will find their talent pipeline is fuller and richer because of it.

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