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Special Advertisement : Ascentis Software frees HR professionals from many low value tasks and allows them to focus on the strategic issues that make a difference in a company.

September 18, 2003
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HR practices in the largest of corporations have been influenced by theapplication of technology for many years, but what is new is the availability ofaffordable, easy to use technology for HR Professionals in small to mid-sizedcompanies. It carries the same promise of improving employee satisfaction,increasing administrative efficiency and providing substantial cost savingsthroughout the organization with a short return on investment of less than oneyear.

    Only those directly involved in manual tracking of census information,administering employee benefits and responding to never-ending queries fromemployees can truly appreciate how busy they are. Reconciling billing statementsfrom insurance carriers on a monthly basis is too time consuming and complicatedto compute, yet a recent article in estimates that on average thesebilling statements carry a 3% error rate, usually from overage dependants stillbeing billed, but no longer eligible.

    Installing a HRMS with Manager and Employee Self-Service such as offered byAscentis Software Corporation, will free the HR professional from many of thelow value tasks they perform and allow them to focus on strategic issues thatmake a difference in the company, such as education and training, organizationaldesign and improving management skills. Employees gain instantaneous access tocurrent personal, dependent and benefits information. Reviews are done on timebecause managers are automatically notified by the system that they are due. Newemployees are paid correctly the first time because the system notifies payroll.HR professionals finally are able to focus on tasks that are important to theorganization and employees are satisfied because they have correct, currentinformation at their fingertips.

Chuck D'Ambrosia
Ascentis Software, Inc.


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