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Scantron's SolutionEvolution

With many enterprises and organizations caught between tight it budgets and a desire to streamline data capture and imaging processes, the challenge can seem overwhelming; but Scantron Corporation in Irvine, California makes it easy.

September 18, 2003
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As a leading provider of software, hardware and services, Scantron leverages its 31-year leadership by providing innovative solutions across a variety of vertical industries. Scantron has the flexibility and resources to manage your entire data management and testing needs seamlessly without a third party systems integrator. Our 3-point approach gives customer’s data collection and testing tools, professional services, and a service bureau offering, with all three disciplines working independently or together.

    When people typically think of Scantron, they remember the #2 pencil and test forms from school; however, Scantron’s products and services have evolved over the last 31 years. Did you know that over 66% of Fortune 500 Companies do business with Scantron? Yes, many customers trust Scantron for their expertise in testing, surveying and other miscellaneous data capture needs.

    Scantron recently collaborated with one of the world’s largest forest product companies to develop a powerful data collection solution. This company needed an easy way to create and deploy recurring paper-based employee surveys to assess employee safety and quality improvements. The study required the flexibility to ask variable questions on the fly for each of its 20+ mills.

    With this new solution, Scantron provided them with the tools to create a survey that is customized for each mill with 5-10 core questions asked at all locations. Once approved by the plant manager and human resources representative, the survey is printed and disseminated by the mill communications support team at crew and safety meetings. Stratified random samplings of up to 300 production employees per mill are surveyed at one time. Instead of manually entering data from the surveys into spreadsheets, as done in the past, the two-page form data is now scanned and automatically input into the corporate database for review. The core questions are benchmarked across the organization and trends noticed are included in their quarterly safety newsletter delivered to all employees.

    Working with Scantron, this organization has significantly reduced the data entry time per location. The streamlining of data collection efforts across their network enabled the company to save at least 20-25 weeks of labor. This significant timesaving allows this Fortune 500 Company to focus on creating and implementing initiatives that are derived from the feedback, rather than on the data collection process itself.

    As part of its comprehensive service offerings, Scantron’s Service Group also handles the installation and maintains all Scantron hardware systems such as scanners, interfacing computers, and supported operating systems. Working together, the complete solution enables this organization to effectively streamline its data capture efforts.

    Scantron offers more than just a way to efficiently capture data. With a strong focus on design, usability and analysis of results--Scantron enables you to use your employee findings to create change within your organization.

Scantron has the flexibility and resources to manage your entire data management and testing needs seamlessly without a third party systems integrator.

Workforce, July 2003, p. 74 -- Subscribe Now!

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