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How Has Your Company Shaped HR

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January 8, 2002
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No profession stays the same forever. Its leaders are always looking for deeper knowledge, smoother processes, and better ways to achieve goals. Human resources is no different. The field known 80 years ago as personnel -- a mostly administrative function -- has evolved into human resources -- a strategic center that understands how to deploy the power of human capital. In this section, the leaders of companies that have helped HR become this key player talk about their continual search for solutions to the issues raised in a fast-changing working world.

Helping ClientsCompete in a
Changing HREnvironment

Transitioning from tactical to strategic staffing is essential for companies to stay competitive. Adecco's technology, complementing the all-important human touch, facilitates that transition. Our 1,400 North American offices -- the industry's largest network -- share a centralized database, an indispensable resource in supplying clients' temporary and full-time staffing. Adecco's eCommerce solution, seamlessly integrated with our systems and client systems via XML, offers customers the option of conducting their staffing business online. Other Adecco cost-saving services are Xpert testing and training, Job Shop application kiosks, and Connect reporting.

President North America
Adecco -- The EmploymentPeople

Deploy OptimizesStrategic
Workforce Management Process

Unquestionably, an organization's most valuable resource is its people. Deploy Solutions has pioneered innovative strategic workforce management solutions that enable Global 2000 companies to fully leverage their workforce as a source of competitive advantage. Our Employ!® and Hirequest™ products provide one of the first true end-to-end HR systems, streamlining the hiring, deployment, and retention processes, and enabling effective enterprise-wide collaboration. Using our products and services, our customers realize significant ROI by reducing the cost of hiring, enhancing employee retention, and improving organizational effectiveness.

NicoleM. Stata,
Founder, President andCEO
Deploy Solutions

The Ultimate Way toPay

Introducing a one-of-a-kind work/life solution that is revolutionizing employee benefits -- e-Duction. Our unique payroll deduction technology allows your employees to purchase products and services with the e-Duction MasterCard at zero percent interest at over 22 million locations worldwide, delivering financial freedom and flexibility. Best of all, e-Duction is offered at no cost to your company, seamlessly operates with your current HRIS system, and can consolidate your post-tax deductions. To add e-Duction to your benefits portfolio, please call (877) 481-8288.


Realism GetsResults™ --
Simulate to Evaluate™

Employment Technologies is the leader in simulation technology for pre-employment testing. For over 10 years our simulations have set industry standards and are shaping the future of pre-employment testing. For many years, pre-employment testing was conducted using written tests. Even now, many on-line tests are merely written tests displayed over the Internet. Employment Technologies has chosen to advance the science and accuracy of pre-employment testing by combining simulation technology and assessment. Our realistic simulations give employers the edge in selecting the best employees. Realism Gets Results!

JosephT. Sefcik Jr.,
CEO and President
Employment TechnologiesCorp.

2002 Marks the 25thAnniversary
for Kronos Inc.

A good deal has changed since Kronos's founder conceived the idea of automating the time-clock industry. What remains the same is that Kronos continues to break new ground and deliver products that raise the bar for what has become the labor management industry. Kronos now offers a full suite of Web-based frontline labor management software and hardware solutions that enable organizations to plan, track, and analyze their entire workforce. The end result for customers is the ability to seize control over labor costs and improve labor productivity.

MarkS. Ain,
Founder and CEO
Kronos Incorporated

People-Trak CoversAll Your
Human Resource Needs!

People-Trak has changed the HRMS marketplace by providing a unique combination of product, price, and performance. Even the smallest company can afford what is considered the finest HRMS in the non-client/server market and the industry leading support that comes with it. Always improving, never satisfied or complacent, People-Trak has continued to add features and capabilities that are often missing in products five and ten times the price. With People-Trak, you can have it all. Just ask our thousands of satisfied customers. As HR needs continue to evolve so willPeople-Trak!

Technical Difference,Inc.

We Reinvented theIndustry
by Not Reinventing Ourselves

"When Bernard Hodes Group was founded in 1970, our commitment was to provide customers with the expertise they needed and the integrity they deserved. Today, we're a global recruitment solutions company with 70 offices worldwide. We've established ourselves as a knowledge leader in every aspect of the business -- from award-winning creative to breakthrough interactive tools, like our recently-honored Hodes iQ. And through it all, we've stayed true to who we are. For us, reinventing an industry isn't about pursuing what's "hot," it's about knowing what's next."

AlanV. Schwartz,
President and CEO
Bernard Hodes Group

CareerBuilder IsLeading the Way
in Online Recruiting

CareerBuilder's innovative approach to online recruiting is transforming the way organizations find the right people. And it is people who play the most important role in moving companies forward. Through the industry's only blend of print and online recruitment solutions, we reach the audiences you need to hire the exact talent you're looking for. Congratulations Workforce on your 80th anniversary! In the next 80 years, CareerBuilder will continue to lead the way in helping companies grow with the best and the brightest.


The TechnologyLeader in
Employment Background Screening

HireRight is responding to a major trend in today's security minded world by providing organizations with the ability to make safer hiring decisions. Our leading Web-based background screening solution empowers human resources professionals with an automated, easy-to-use process for performing background and drug screening on employees and potential new hires. We also offer the industry's fastest turnaround times, integration with HRMS and other application tracking systems, and ability to customize to meet just about any need.

President and CEO
HireRight, Inc.

WorkPlace Solutions
for a Safer Workplace

The tragic events of September 11, 2001, sounded a wake-up call for American businesses and caused a great shift in HR management. Background checks are now seen more as a risk management tool than as just an HR tool. ChoicePoint is helping employers address this issue with the introduction of the ChoicePoint National Criminal File. ChoicePoint National Criminal File will give employers access to more comprehensive criminal records, helping employers to verify applicant information and make smarter hiring decisions.

DavidJ. Cook,
Vice President andGroup Executive
ChoicePoint Inc.

How Has GreatSoftware
Helped Shape HR?

Affirmative action planning has evolved from reporting information using calculators and typewriters into using large electronic systems that support broad diversity programs within the American workforce. JOBase™ Software has driven this evolution through virtually unlimited scalability, which permits HR systems to communicate with a comprehensive system of applicant tracking, compensation analysis, discrimination testing, and AAP reporting. Clients are empowered to redirect HR resources toward their greatest asset, the employees. The focus of HR is once again attracting the most qualified applicants, developing potential, and retaining talent.

SylviaR. Gerst,
Gerst Software, Inc.

Recruitsoft HasChanged
the Face of Recruiting

Recruitsoft has introduced a new paradigm in recruiting, staffing management, and talent deployment -- enterprise-wide -- for large corporations. This new paradigm has brought supply-chain concepts to the business process of recruiting, to: elevate the role of the recruiter, enable more face-time with prescreened candidates; standardize processes through reengineering and automating repetitive tasks, create a higher quality process and therefore higher quality results; and show companies that a strong focus on human capital management would enhance productivity as well as competitive positioning in today's knowledge economy.

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