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MHN Reaching Thousands at a Time of National Crisis

MHN’s Questium Web site offers self-service and interactive tools for addressing emotional issues. MHN also provides face-to-face and phone counseling.

January 8, 2002
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Within hours of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, employers recognized the overwhelming role they had to take in offering emotional support to their employees. The offices of MHN, a leader in EAP and managed behavioral health benefits, were flooded with phone calls from companies requesting crisis services for their employees. In the aftermath of the disaster, a demand for nontraditional services emerged.

Almost immediately, MHN set up on-site, telephone one-on-one, and group professional counseling. MHN also created a special edition of its Questium™ Living, an electronic newsletter. Questium Living: Coping with Crisis combines valuable emotional health resources on the Web with access to interactive programs and information from the Questium Personal and Professional Web site. Questium Living includes resources for managing emotional-health issues such as post-traumatic stress, grief, anxiety, and helping kids cope, among others. Plus, through December, links to interactive tools on the Questium Personal and Professional site have been made available on a password-free, complimentary basis to clients, government agencies, brokers, and consultants.

On September 13, just two days after the disaster that rocked America, the first edition of the newsletter was sent to MHN's 650 clients. Some of those clients were directly affected by the attacks. Continuing needs were recognized, and by mid-October, two more editions were created and distributed. More than 30,000 individuals accessed the first three editions of the newsletter, and more than 10,000 people accessed the interactive emotional-health tools. In November, the fourth edition of Questium Living: Coping with Crisis reached approximately 300,000 users.

MHN received several thoughtful and appreciative responses to this outreach. A Boston-based vice president of human resources commented, "I received your very valuable and helpful information relating to coping with the WTC disaster…Almost everyone in our organization knows at least one person touched by the crisis. Thank you for helping us through a difficult time." Most notably, New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, in a recent press briefing, referred to Questium Living: Coping with Crisis as "a helpful resource in dealing with the national tragedy."

Steve Sell, president of Questium, praised the efforts of his colleagues. "Each employee of MHN has contributed to the vital role we've played in our ongoing response to the national tragedy. From the clinicians across the country giving one-on-one support to the developers producing online resources, MHN and Questium employees have taken great pride in assisting in the country's recovery while exposing clients to our unique online tools."

Questium's self-service interactive tools address depression, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. MHN invites you to view these programs by taking a site tour of Questium Personal and Professional Solutions at

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