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SPECTRUM Delivers Cost-Effective HRIS to Kroll

iVantage provides necessary flexibility to worldwide company.

January 8, 2002
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As Kroll, a New York-based global risk consulting company specializing in investigative, intelligence, and security services, began to expand through acquisitions and growth into a $200 million company with 55 offices in 18 countries, they quickly realized that they needed a system to fully utilize and track vital HR information.

"Without an HRIS, we could not accurately and productively provide all the information required to manage key aspects of employment," said Jim Northrup, Kroll's vice president of human resources. "As Kroll grew to a worldwide firm, this need became critical."

At that point, the search was on for an HRIS. After "investigating" more than 20 competitor product offerings in many price ranges and sizes, Northrup found SPECTRUM Human Resource Systems Corporation's Web-native HRIS, iVantage®, to fit his HR department's needs, including excellent HR functionality; anywhere, anytime access to employee information; outstanding communications worldwide without an expensive WAN; and a user-friendly interface. As a former user of the Denver-based company's products and services, Northrup knew almost immediately that iVantage's powerful capabilities and flexibility were the right mix for Kroll.

iVantage's ability to be customized was an important element in Kroll's decision process. As an unconventional organization, Kroll faced unique international HR challenges. SPECTRUM's consulting staff was able to assist Northrup and his staff in meeting those needs, which included setting up benefit plans and calculations for employees in the United States, Canada, and Europe with codes to track each region's unique benefits requirements; customizing the requisition-approval process to include routing and approval with security codes; and easing the data-entry process by adding five levels of defaults that would provide clear and accurate reporting and unit assignment for each employee worldwide within Kroll's complex organizational structure.

It did not take long for Northrup and Kroll to see a return on investment with the purchase of iVantage. "We have been able to deliver significant increases in data management, reporting, existing staff utilization, additional project intake and completion, and information usage without any additions to our HR department staff," said Northrup.

Also, iVantage's strong reporting capabilities have provided Kroll with strategic information that it was not able to access previously. According to Northrup, "iVantage has certainly saved us a great deal of time and effort and allowed HR to do a good deal more with the same number of staff."

Protecting and building the value of organizations in today's changing environment is Kroll's specialty. With SPECTRUM's iVantage, the HR department found a system that is able to provide the data that assists them in protecting and building their own human-capital initiatives. iVantage has met and exceeded Kroll's HR management needs.

Northrup stated, "iVantage is an excellent product. If you want an integrated HRIS, this is definitely one of the most cost-effective Web-based solutions available today."

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