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Tips for Field-Testing E-Learning Courses

Observe which features people use...and how they use them.

April 23, 2002
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  • Test earlier rather than later. Plan for testing early in the process to save effort later on.

  • Prepare the user. Let users know that you are testing the product and process, not their results. Provide them with all materials they would normally receive (e.g., Web addresses, handouts) and give them a discrete goal. For example, “Please go to XYZ Web site to purchase Course One and complete it.”

  • Test the entire process. The course may be great, but the purchase or ordering process might give you trouble.

  • Watch what they do. Observe which features people use, how they use the features, and which course elements they spend the most time on.

  • Record the results and make adjustments. Use early tests to adjust the direction of the next tests. You may discover that certain features or course elements are problem spots and should be tested more completely.

Workforce, May 2002, p. 44 -- Subscribe Now!

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