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Table of Contents June 2002

Smarter screening, the legalities of pre-employment testing, and what people really think of HR - all in this month's issue of Workforce magazine. Subscribe Now!

May 31, 2002
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A360-Degree View of HR
CEOs, line managers, and employeestalk frankly about HR. Brace yourself.
By Allan Halcrow
WhyJob Applicants Hate HR
Job seekers say they're fed upwith HR arrogance. See how you can regain their respect.
By Shari Caudron
HowHR Balances Customer Demands
Your job has substantial andsometimes contradictory expectations. But not only can youcope, you can thrive. Here's how.
By Alan Halcrow
MineCompany Data with Decision-Support Tools
Decision-support systems could beHR's key to analyzing how its work influences businesssuccess.
By Maryann Hammers
SmarterScreening Takes Technology and HR Savvy
There are fewer jobs now, but nofewer applicants. Here is how HR can stay ahead of the resumeflood and find the best people.
By Samuel Greengard
OptimasGlobal Impact Winner: HowDeloitte Builds Global Expertise
HR at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsurevamped in an international training program so it wouldbetter prepare candidates and be more appealing to executives.The results: more participation and better client service.
By Patrick J. Kiger

Special Advertising Section

ProductShowcase: Employee Benefits
Providing key employee benefits can be acomplicated, expensive process. It doesn't have to be that way. In thissection, you'll find products that can make your job easier.


Between theLines
The Good, the Bad, and the Reality
Private Recognition • A GentlerWorkplace • Menial or Meaningful?
Like It or Not, Golf Can Drive Careers • Well Done:Continental Stays the Course • HR& Pop Culture: HR and a Hollywood Hunk
On theContrary
The Lure of Pretty Poison: ShariCaudron meditates on the frown line that claimed her forehead, andexplains why she no longer sits in judgment on what others do with theirlives -- or their skin.
What Works
A Face-to-Face Encounter withDifferences: Tom Terez has a baby face. The beard he grew to makehimself look less like Opie taught him some lessons about diversity.
Answers to absenteeism • Commissions forsales support? • When you can't promote • Put a lid on anemployee's gossip
Small,Medium, Large
Small Rewards Can Push Productivity: Three companies found a variety of ways to reward employees. Cash rewardsaren't necessary, but recognition and a well-promoted program are.
Legal Insight
A Legal Examination of Tests:Pre-employment testing is more popular than ever. But tests aren'tinfallible, and improperly handled, they can expose your organization to alawsuit • Legal Posts: Overtime and travel • HR's personalliability.
Think Twice
Cost per Hire - Don't Even Bother: When it comes to hiring the best, Texas Instruments doesn't pinch pennies.You shouldn't either, Todd Raphael says. Instead, look at what a jobcandidate is worth.
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