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Winning Solutions Forged by Partnerships (live copy)

Special Advertisement: How strong relationships and smart choices solved a host of HR issues.

June 20, 2002
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Faster than a speeding bullet. Harder to catch than a freight train. Tougher to scale than a slick, icy mountain. That’s what business is like for HR today, and succeeding in that environment is no easy matter. No HR person can do it alone. Like superheroes, HR needs expert and able assistance.

So when HR needs excellent customer training, or a fantastic dental-care program, or a customized interface for a heritage HRMS, it doesn’t try to go it alone. HR professionals find smart partners. And that’s how they find success.

On the next pages, you’ll read 11 such success stories. HR professionals in the companies profiled here faced a variety of business issues, from the need for faster, better background checking to a way to accelerate leadership in a rapidly growing organization. They found solutions with vendor companies that know there’s more to their business than simply selling a product or marketing a service. Both HR and the companies that helped them craft solutions know that success stories arise from relationships and partnerships. Read on, and find some super inspiration of your own.

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