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Special Advertisement: In these lean times, it is important for all companies to look for cost efficiencies by moving their payroll functions in-house, and financial institutions are no exception.

June 20, 2002
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Did you know the average human resource staff member spends five of every eight hours doing administrative work?

That’s over half the day spent updating addresses, verifying data, and answering questions. The other important processes – like payroll, benefits and tax filing – are left unattended! Oh, and you can forget about any strategic activities.

In today’s tough economy, the productivity and efficiency of the human resources function is of particular concern. Currently, businesses and institutions are turning to Abra Suite® HRMS solutions to help HR cut costs and focus on their most important asset – the employees.

Shifting the Weight
Take Mountain America Credit Union, for example – the second largest member-owned financial institution in Utah and one of our newest customers – they took advantage of all Abra had to offer when they outgrew their former solution.

According to Marshall Paepke – Mountain America’s HR Generalist – their Abra HRMS allows them to proactively monitor workforce compliance, certifications, policies and costs. Plus, it enables them to be more cost-efficient by moving payroll functions in-house while standardizing and streamlining other HR processes.

By choosing our Abra Payroll® software solution – a component of the full Abra Suite HRMS – Mountain America has eliminated the high cost on never-ending outsourcing fees. Plus, they’re enjoying the enhanced control, dramatic savings, and the ongoing compliance made possible by this industry-leading, comprehensive solution.

In these lean times, it is important for all companies to look for cost efficiencies by moving their payroll functions in-house, and we financial institutions are no exception, according to Paepke.

You can cut costs and save valuable time and money by trusting our proven Abra technology. Visit with Priority Code 5VAAA to learn more about our industry-leading Abra Payroll solution.

Register for FREE Web Demonstrations, request a FREE copy of "Analyzing Your Payroll for Maximum ROI" and review real cost comparisons on this informative site.

The Irresistible Force
Like Mountain America, every company can succeed with a solid Human Resource Management System – with benefits and efficiencies beyond payroll.

By intelligently using integrated technology to enhance traditional HR processes, workflow can be easily streamlined across the entire company! Accessing information from a single database, an HRMS can:

  • Assist executives in maintaining a competitive workforce by simplifying and accelerating hiring, training and retention programs.

  • Free HR staff to be more responsive to employees by automating everyday processes.

  • Empower employees and managers to answer their own HR, payroll and benefits questions with Web-enabled self-service functionality.

  • Save the company significant money by cutting payroll-processing costs to a fraction of outsourcing

  • Streamline repetitive, multi-departmental tasks using proactive email-alerting technology.

But what specifically does an HRMS encompass? HR, payroll, benefits, insurance, record keeping, tax compliance, reconciliation, enrollment, even employee training and retention can be easily integrated in one solution.

Specifically, a truly comprehensive HRMS solution like Abra addresses diverse HR and administrative needs in one network, including:

  • Benefits tracking
  • Flexible benefits
  • COBRA tracking
  • Applicant tracking
  • Recruiting
  • Job requisition control
  • Time and attendance
  • Position control
  • Skills inventory
  • EEO/Affirmative Action tracking and reporting
  • Health and safety, compensation and retirement plans
  • And more.

Often, decision makers outside the HR field are unable to see the time- and cost-saving benefits of automating these key tasks and procedures. That’s why we’ve built an interactive Management Buy-In Kit to help you build a solid business case for purchasing an HRMS system.

Visit with Priority Code 5VAAA today to take advantage of this innovative Web tool. Give your managers the information they need to make the decision you want.

Achieving Balance
An HRMS helps HR managers streamline tasks, automate repetitive functions and generally become more effective – freeing time to focus on employee needs and advancing their strategic benefit to the company. It helps to balance the needs of the people with the processes necessary to support them.

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