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Mark Gorkin is one of the expert panelists participating in " Dear Workforce ."

January 2, 2001
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Mark Gorkin, known as the Stress Doc,has more than 20 years’ experience as a training expert and organizationaldevelopment consultant to hundreds of major corporations, associations,nonprofits and federal and state government agencies. 

    Gorkin is a licensedclinical social worker/psychotherapist and self-proclaimed "psychohumorist"who touts using humor as one way of relieving stress and tension in theworkplace. His work encompasses many areas, including stress management,team-building exercises, organizational change, workplace violence, conflictresolution, anger management, employee motivation and burnout. 

    His Washington, D.C.practice has served clients that include Tellabs, Lucent Technologies, BiographyMagazine, Hogan and Hartson, Curtis Chevrolet Dealership, Navy Sea SystemsCommand, NASA, American College of Physicians, Cornell Medical Hospital, andGeorgetown University. 

    Gorkin also is amotivational speaker and syndicated columnist whose work appears in a variety ofonline publications, including. His Web site,,includes his syndicated Online Psychohumorist writings and information on histrademarked Practicing Safe Stress programs. 

Tocontact Gorkin, visit,call202/232.8662or email

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