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Sample Policy for Personal Computer Software

Strive to ensure that company software does not get distributed illegally.

April 15, 2001
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Use a modified version of this formto regulate company sharing of computer software.

Corporate Policy Statement

Company/Agency Policy Regarding theUse of Personal Computer Software

(Company/Agency) licenses the use ofcopies of computer software from a variety of outside companies.(Company/Agency) does not own the copyright to this software or its relateddocumentation and, except for a single copy for backup purposes or unlessexpressly authorized by the copyright owner(s), does not have the right toreproduce it for use on more than one computer.

With regard to software usage on localarea networks, (Company/Agency) shall use the software only in accordance withthe license agreement.

(Company/Agency) employees are notpermitted to install their own copies of any software onto (Company/Agency)machines. (Company/Agency) employees are not permitted to copy software from(Company/Agency's) computers and install it on home or any other computers.

(Company/Agency) employees, learning ofany misuse of software or related documentation within the company, shall notifythe Manager of Computer Systems or other appropriate person. According to theU.S. and Canadian copyright law, unauthorized reproduction of software is afederal offense. Offenders can be subject to civil damages of as much as U.S.$100,000 per title copied, and criminal penalties, including fines (up to U.S.$250,000 per work copied, CN $1,000,000) and imprisonment (up to 5 years pertitle copied).

Any (Company/Agency) employee whoknowingly makes, acquires, or uses unauthorized copies of computer softwarelicensed to (Company/Agency) or who places or uses unauthorized software on(Company/Agency) premises or equipment shall be subject to immediate terminationof employment.

(Company/Agency) does not condone andspecifically forbids the unauthorized duplication of software.

I am fully aware of the softwareprotection policies of (Company/Agent) and agree to uphold those policies.

Employee Signature


SOURCE: Software & InformationIndustry Association (SIIA), SPA Anti-Piracy Division.

Reprinted with permission of E-PolicyHandbook: How to Develop Computer, E-mil, and Internet Guidelines to ProtectYour Company and its Assets by Nancy L. Flynn, published by AMACON Books. Allrights reserved.. Flynn, published by AMACON Books. All rights reserved.

The information contained here is intended toprovide useful information on the topic covered, but should not beconstrued as legal advice or a legal opinion.
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