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Partnerships that Create Winning Solutions

Special Advertisement : How smart choices and strong relationships solved a dozen HR issues.

October 17, 2001
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When it's time to step up to a new level of performance, fix an immediate problem, or find a new solution for a changing company, there's nothing like finding the perfect partner for the enterprise. When that relationship succeeds, everyone wins.

    In this feature, you'll read 12 such success stories. The companies here faced a variety of business issues: the need for fast hiring, the challenge of recruiting in the New Economy, the desire for better benefits, and HR's mandate to shift away from tedious paperwork and into a new strategic role.

    All these firms found solutions with companies that know there's more to their business than providing a product or setting up a service. Their business is relationships and partnerships. That's the real key to the success stories you'll read here.

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