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MagnaWare Speaks HP's Rsum Language

MagnaWare's HR software lets Hewlett-Packard process up to 3,000 résumés a day - in dozens of languages.

October 17, 2001
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When the world wants to beat a path to your door, the best thing you can do is to help clear the way on your end of the path.

That's what Hewlett-Packard did when the giant high-tech company teamed up with MagnaWare to develop a human resources software application that allows HP to accept a multitude of résumé submissions in a variety of languages, rapidly process them into their PeopleSoft Recruit Workforce HR management system and allow their recruiters Web access to these candidates from the moment they are processed into the PeopleSoft system. All of this increased functionality happens in a fraction of the time that their previous solution used to take.

It wasn't always like that for HP. The company had an existing paperless recruitment software application already in place. While it worked it was very outdated, it only processed hard-copy resumes, did not accept foreign language submissions and required time-consuming batch uploads to get the data into their applicant tracking system. HP needed a real-time interface to its applicant tracking system that could process all resumes types (job boards, email with and without attachments, faxes and hardcopy scans) plus support international languages. Without these capabilities, HP risked losing valuable potential employees due to unnecessary processing delays and not being able to support the current recruiting environment.

When HP teamed together with MagnaWare to create a new recruitment software application, they had the following list of requirements:

  • Process resumes from a variety of sources; including job boards, email with and without attachments, faxes and hardcopy scans.

  • Provide a tight, real-time integration with PeopleSoft's Recruit Workforce, HP's human resource management system, allowing for all resumes to be kept in a single database therefore eliminating the need for cumbersome database synchronization/maintenance and automatically flagging duplicate records before they are processed.

  • Accept resumes written in more than 120 different languages and process them into one central database.

  • Allow recruiters global Web-based access to the résumé database via HP's intranet using a standard web browser.

  • Efficiently process a résumé volume of 12,500 to 15,000 resumes per week.

MagnaWare came up with a solution that met all the criteria: an application called RezPrise.

Today, using RezPrise, HP is accepting and processing 2,000 to 3,000 resumes per day, in dozens of languages. HP automatically responds to its applicants with a letter in the applicant's native language as soon as the résumé is processed through RezPrise. HP's recruitment operation is now so efficient, in fact, that the company has often interviewed candidates and sent them offer letters before these candidates have even received an letter of acknowledgment from other companies to which they applied.

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