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US Airways Gets Quality Job Candidates Online focuses on quality, not quantity.

October 18, 2001
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US Airways is targeting computer-savvy professionals who are successful in their current jobs, but looking for a better corporate fit, according to Wally Crump, acting manager of recruitment.

"Newspaper ads produce a résumé dump," he says. "We're looking for someone savvy enough to stay abreast of what's going on." To him, that means "passive job seekers" -- those who are looking for just the right fit between their talents and the company's needs.

And the Arlington, Virginia-based airline is finding -- and recruiting -- passive job seekers online, with the help of, an online job shop that believes that companies can recruit the best employees by providing as much information about the company and the position as possible.

As a result, each position that US Airways posts on includes an online response form, a link to its corporate home page and up to 16,000 characters -- or about 2,600 words -- describing the position and the company.

Candidates are only a few clicks away.
The wealth of information that's available at results in better fits between candidates and companies, and it also provides enough space for firms to include all the necessary data.

To that end, each posting is reviewed by a real person because, as Career president and founder Bruce Skillings explains, "Clients sometimes forget to include their e-mail address," or other salient information. Openings are posted within 24 hours of their receipt, according to Crump and Skillings. What happens next is up to the job seeker.

To make a job search easy for users, was designed with the notion that every feature on the site should be reachable with no more than three clicks, all the information should be fresh and the site should work quickly even for people using 14.4K modems. With an ISDN (integrated systems digital network) or cable modem, the screens load instantaneously.

Access candidates worldwide.
To generate the widest possible exposure to potential job candidates, spreads its presence around the Internet and has an international presence in about a dozen countries, including Asia-Pacific nations.

To further increase traffic, it hosts online job fairs. In November, for example, US Airways participated in the Diversity Job Fair. Users simply click that job fair logo to see the corporate logos of participating companies. Clicking on the US Airways logo displays an overview of the company. Another click shows all jobs to be filled, and another provides detailed information about that job. To apply, candidates can click the "Apply Online" button. Résumés are sent directly to the company.

Focus your search by using keywords.
Firms either wait for direct responses to postings or may search the database using Boolean logic. For example, typing "programmer + UNIX + Seattle - contractors," for example, finds the résumés of UNIX programmers in Seattle who are not contractors. Firms may search all résumés or only those posted in the past 24 hours or the past week.

US Airways prefers the very focused candidates that the online medium fosters as opposed to print. "This is much more cost-effective than newspaper ads," Crump explains. In fact, it's so effective that US Airways is working with to develop a year 2000 recruitment package that involves a flat fee for a given number of listings, as well as banner ads and links to selected sites.

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