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Thanks for Having the Courage

"Freedom of speech (is) something this country is drifting away from," says J.M., San Francisco Bay area.

February 11, 2000
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I agree with your assessment of the Rocker situation. I do not condone many of his viewpoints but we are all entitled to an opinion. STICKS AND STONES... It's called freedom of speech and it's something this country is drifting away from.

Unless a person is completely incapable of thinking for himself, I think we all have at least one stereotypical viewpoint but are too tactful to blurt it out for the world to hear. Mr Rocker just didn't think that far ahead. Plus, if anything, sensitivity training will just sour him even more. If we're going to change these attitudes we need to stop focusing on the differences and preferential treatment, and start focusing on our commonalities and equal treatment (but as you said, affirmative action is a topic for another day....)

Thanks for having the courage to disagree with the "PC" BS.

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