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Rocker Should Be Grateful He is Employed By a Professional Sports Team.

"If he were an employee of any other kind of business, he would likely find himself OUT of a job," says Francene Taylor, Manager - Staffing, Johnson Controls, Inc., Atlanta.

February 11, 2000
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Read your article on John Rocker, and wanted to send a little feedback on have a great deal of truth in what you say in that article.

However, I look at it from the viewpoint of both a corporate employee and a 13-year veteran of the Human Resources field.

Major League Baseball and the Atlanta Braves organization are both businesses run for profit. As such, they have the right to discipline an employee just as an IBM or Coke does. Matter of fact, Rocker should be grateful that he is employed by a professional sports team - if he were an employee of any other kind of business, he would likely find himself OUT of a job for violating zero tolerance policies! Sports teams have had a history of leniency when their stars go astray - it's about time that a sports organization started treating their athletes like the (highly paid!) employees that they are.

John Rocker has the "right" to believe anything he wants to believe, and the "right" to express his opinions. He does not have the "right" to be a major league baseball player and/or to avoid the consequences of his actions. As a life long Atlanta Braves fan, I would have supported the organization wholeheartedly in a decision to let Rocker go, and I commend both the coaching staff and the front office staff (including the legendary Hank Aaron) in treating this matter seriously.

Thanks for the opportunity to put in my two cents' worth. Keep up the great work at It's one of the most informative, useful and amusing sites out there!

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