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The Facts Don't Lie.

"This article sounded like one of the army of neo-fascist youth."

March 17, 2000
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This article sounded like the prating of one of the army of neo-fascist youth, who like to pronounce how very different they are from their mothers who went into social work, teaching and other underpaid fields.

What the heck is the meaning of "assigning women to occupations in the old-style communist way." And one of her opening cracks, "How about a pay gap between Yankees coach Joe Torre and the coach of your child's little-league baseball team?" -- is this to imply that men = Torre and women = little league?

No facts, no statistics (except the unsourced claim one half of of men work 40+ hours, only one-third of women). The facts don't lie. The hard truths still exist that women who work are paid less than what men who work are paid. In 1996, women who worked full time, year-round earned 74 cents for every dollar earned by men -- this is a hard fact from the Bureau of Census.

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