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Another Distinguished Columnist has Stated Obvious Points Without a Solution.

"Talk is cheap, especially when you're a woman," says EJ Peters, Corporate Services Manager, Princeton, NJ.

March 17, 2000
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Again, another distinguished columnist has stated so many obvious points without a it because they don't really agree with what they are writing? After all, why write about something that isn't an issue.

Why try to fix something that isn't broken? Ms. Hattiangadi hasn't walked in my shoes were I work more hours than my male counterpart just to be questioned of my gender-based motives.

I work these hours to do the job the best I can, even if its for $20k less a year. Education and experience should be the qualifiers to wages. But in my case, we have the same number of years experience in relatively the same career path.

So explain why my higher level of education doesn't earn me equal (if not more) pay? Its real simple; a man's world still expects a man to support his family and when he demands more, he can get it. A woman by nature rarely demands more and it would be chalked up to whining anyway.

I wonder if our boss knows that my counterpart's wife makes more than him and that my husband earns the same as me with eight years less experience??? Everyone talks equality, but I recognize that "talk is cheap," especially when you're a woman!

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