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Culture and Language Training Spend $50 to $10,000 on Expatriate Preparation

Estimated costs of program components.

March 1, 1999
Related Topics: Expatriate Management, Basic Skills Training
Cost is an important factor when putting together a culture and language preparation program for expatriate families. But it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. There’s quite a range in both prices and services. Here’s an overview compiled from information from several vendors.

$50—A language training CD-ROM and a microphone for speech recognition.

$275—One person participating in a group language-training course.

$475—A language-training CD-ROM, 12 interactive lessons with a teacher over the Internet and homework incorporating Web sites in foreign languages.

$1,050 to $3,000—One day of post-arrival onsite culture training for the family.

$3,000 to $5,000—Cost per family member for one post-arrival onsite culture training session per week for the first six months of the assignment.

$3,500 to $5,000—A two-day predeparture culture program for the employee and partner. Another $1,375 to $2,500 for the children.

$4,000—A one-time fee to set up video conferencing equipment ($1,500) and 50 hours of instruction from a language-training teacher ($50/hour).

$5,500—A five-day predeparture, culture and language program for the employee and partner.

$10,000—A two-day cross-cultural program and eight days in a language immersion program for the employee and partner.

Sources: These are rough averages based on information provided by 10 service providers: Alta Language Services; Cendant Intercultural, The Bennett Group; Berlitz International Inc.; Eaton Consulting Group; Inlingua; International Orientation Resources; Prudential Relocation; Syracuse Language; Training Management Corp.; and Window on the World.

Global Workforce, March 1999, Vol. 4, No. 2, p. 7.

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