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Workforce shows how to make businesses better using HR management.

May 10, 1999
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Workforce is the indispensable tool used by the new breed of HR decision makers working to make their businesses better.

This new breed knows that real HR is driven by business goals, competitive issues, and organizational values. They know that real HR is rarely simple and is almost always a series of interrelated decisions, not one-time programs or policies.

All HR disciplines work together to have a real impact.

Workforce gives the new breed of HR decision makers the knowledge they need to have a real impact on their organizations. Each issue of the magazine shows how to use traditional HR disciplines - such as compensation and benefit design, staffing, and training - to make a real impact on profitability, new product launches, mergers and acquisitions, the opening of global markets, and other key business challenges.

The Workforce editorial package gives the new breed of HR all the information they need in order to do HR's total job -- put Workforce on your ad schedule.

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