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May 10, 1999
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Imagine the new breed of HR decision makers reading about your HR product and service -- and how it solved a business problem for one of your most successful clients.

They'll share your Success Story with their HR colleagues, quote your client's results in a presentation and name your product or service in a proposal to the CEO. That's real impact -- for HR and for your advertising.

Success Stories show how your product has real impact.

To get this kind of impact, you'll need to be in the Success Stories special section in the December issue of Workforce. Success Stories -- written by a Workforce freelance contributor -- is a series of case studies demonstrating the real impact of HR programs on a company's success.

These Success Stories showcase the HR products and services that make these programs successful.

Success Stories is a two-page advertising package.

  • One full-page, four-color magazine ad in Workforce
  • One full-page, four-color Success Story with a picture of the client company
  • An experienced HR journalist to write the Success Story
  • 200 four-color, two-sided reprints of your Success Story and advertisement to use in direct-mail promotion, at trade shows and with other promotions
  • Magazine reader service program
  • A 50-word product description in the Workforce Extra supplement.

Only $9,425 -- SAVE OVER $5,000.

If each of the Success Story elements (not including the hiring of an experienced HR journalist) were purchased separately, the total cost would be $14,770. By taking advantage of this special offer, you can benefit from a special savings of over $5,000.

Success Stories is only available in the December issue.

Remember, Success Stories is only offered once a year-in December-and includes Workforce with your two-page case study and a 50-word product description in the Workforce Extra supplement.

Participating 1999 Success Stories Advertisers

  • American Dental Association
  • American Media
  • Behavioral Technology
  • CareerMosaic
  • Cyborg
  • Human Synergistics
  • JobOptions
  • KnowledgePoint
  • RezLogic
  • Spectrum
  • Ultimate Software

Success Stories Guidelines
The HR Business Problem: What was the real HR business problem that the company and the HR department were trying to solve? What were the quantifiable goals? And what were the subjective measures of success?

The Solution: What options were considered in solving this HR business problem? How did the HR decision maker select this particular solution? How did it fit with the company's business objectives, culture and definition of the problem? What other criteria influenced the selection of this solution and the vendor who provided it?

Implementation: What were the steps required to implement the solution? Were there any obstacles, course corrections or midstream changes? What happened? What lessons were learned?

Real Impact: What happened? What was the outcome? How did your solution solve the HR business problem? How did the client measure success? What advice would the client have for others who face similar issues?


1. Select Your Client: Review the article outline above to help you decide which client to select. Then you will need to provide the following information:

  • Name and address of the client company profiled.
  • Contact person and telephone number at the client company. This person should have had the most integral role in the process discussed in your Success Story. If several people shared this role, include the names and phone numbers of all of them.
  • Include a brief description of why you chose this customer. Include a brief explanation of the HR business problem the customer needed to solve and what product or service you provided to help solve that problem.
  • The contact person and telephone number of the individual(s) in your company who partnered with your customer and could comment for the article.

2. The 500-word Article: An experienced Workforce freelance writer will interview your client and individuals from your company, and write the Success Story.

3. Approval Process: Once the article is in galley form (right length, picture inserted, headline and so on), it will be sent to a designated individual from your company for approval. The approval process is for factual errors only. Any corrections must be submitted within 24 hours in writing, via fax or e-mail. If no comments are received, it is assumed that the article is correct as written. Please provide:

  • Contact name and phone and fax numbers of the person at your company who will approve the final Success Story article.

4. Questions & Comments: Paul Temple, Edito-in-Chief, can answer questions and provide further guidelines. Telephone: 714/751-1883 ext. 248.

Success Stories clearly demonstrates real HR and its real impact on corporate success. Make sure your product is included. Space reservation deadline is October 13.

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