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Online Assessments I of III (overview)

Online Assessments I of III (overview)

May 10, 1999
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Online assessments can reduce your pre-employment screening costs. Objective "job fit" screening online is the most accurate and least expensive method for eliminating unsuitable applicants. You can cut both the costs of interviewing unnecessarily and the costs of turnover by beginning the hiring process with online assessments. An employee whose core personality traits and learning capabilities fit the demands of the job is most likely to provide long-term value to the organization. The low cost of web-based assessments allow you to use advanced personality testing for every employee at every level, not just for upper-level management.

Use online assessments to match applicants to a performance benchmark. Assessments can be used to measure traits shared by peak performers in your existing work force. Based on those shared traits, you can create a benchmark for workplace success. Applicants whose assessment scores most closely match your benchmark are the only ones you need to call back for an interview.

SOURCE: Advantage Assessment Inc., Pensacola, FL, March 15, 1999.

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