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Eight Myths of HRMS Software (II of IV)

Eight Myths of HRMS Software (II of IV)

May 18, 1999
Related Topics: Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS/HRIS)
Myth #3:

HRMS Software is complex and thus very expensive
HRMS software is not complex at all when compared to accounting software, which can be very inexpensive. The key factor in HRMS software is width. HRMS software tracks a vast array of data for employees, applicants, jobs, positions, etc. However, that vast array of data is simply stored, reported on, and used for a few basic calculations. NASA would not use HRMS software to plan a mission to Mars.

Myth #4:

HR Software always takes a long time to implement
In general, a well run manual HR function within a small to mid-size business can be automated in a very short period of time, sometimes in just a week or two. Remember, automation merely causes existing functions to happen faster and more efficiently. If you have well-defined review procedures, salary grades, job codes and such, implementation is a matter of recording this information and then using it. If few or any of these are well-defined, the automation process may well force you to define them and implementation will likely be delayed.

The actual task of implementing HRMS software is composed of recording current and historical data and of adjusting procedures for the automated production of reports, letters, etc. There is no secret black hole into which you will pour hours of work and there is no mystery to the task. You just do it and it’s done.

SOURCE: Jim Witschger, "HRMS Software—Myths and Reality," March 1999.

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