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How Does Your Company's Online Recruiting Rate

Special Advertisement: Evaluate and improve your company's recruiting practices with the Recruitsoft / iLogos Research study, Best Practices for Fortune 500 Career Web Site Recruiting .

December 25, 1999
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How does your company’s onlinerecruiting rate? 

  • Doesyour corporate Careers Web site have a separate College section? Do those ofmost companies?

  • Doesyour Careers Web site provide information on employee benefits? On corporateculture? Do you know what the best practices are for this?

  • Howwidely used are interactive Career Web site features such as Email to aFriend, Job Agents, and Profiling?

  • Whatis the most effective, user-friendly interface for searching listings ofopen job positions?

  • Whatis the best way for your company to accept applications online? Resumeattachments? Cut and paste forms? Resume Builders? Web page links? Is itbeneficial to accept anonymous applications?

  • Howcan your company measure its current Career Web site recruiting practices,and learn how to improve? Benchmarking.

Benchmarking is critical to gooddecision-making, since it can show your organization where you stand in relationto other companies, and can help you evaluate and improve current practices. 

For corporate Career Web siterecruiting practices, Recruitsoft/iLogos Research’s groundbreaking study, BestPractices for Fortune 500 Career Web Site Recruiting, establishessignificant benchmarks. With the report, you can compare your company’srecruitment practices with the benchmarked findings for the overall Fortune 500companies, as well as learn from the Best Practices employed by the currentrecruiting leaders. 

Best Practices for Fortune 500Career Web Site Recruitingpresents a valuable opportunity to benchmark your company against anidentifiable and well-recognized corporate standard. The report identifies thetwenty Best Practices that contribute to Web site recruiting excellence, andpresents data representing the level of adherence by the Fortune 500 to theseBest Practices. To help you relate the study’s findings to your company, thereport further breaks down some statistics by seven industry sectors. 

The Recruitsoft/iLogosResearch study is also at the core of a landmark three-part Webcast videoseries, free for viewing, at instructive series includes roundtable discussions with leading HRpractitioners Bruce Hatz of Hewlett Packard; Jeremy Bono of GNTS, a Cabletroncompany; Kevin Scott of the Bank of Montreal and Harris Bank; and Gretchen Sturmof Recruitsoft. 

Competition between companies toattract and hire the best talent is intense. Staying one step ahead of thecompetition is difficult but immensely rewarding. Comparing your company to thebenchmarks established by the Recruitsoft / iLogos Research study can help youidentify areas for career Web site improvements that will catapult your hiringto a new level, by helping to increase your company’s ability to attract,capture and convince the most qualified candidates to choose your company astheir first pick when seeking employment opportunities.

Recruitsoftdelivers the most complete online recruiting solutions for leading companiesacross many industries. Among the company's clients are Dow Chemical, Hasbrow,Deloitte and Touche, Bombardier Aerospace and Transportation, MetLife, CabletronSystems (NYSE: CS), and Sutter Health. The company's Recruiter WebTopTMapplication service integrates the entire recruiting supply chain and powers thecareer Web pages of large corporations, leading to faster time-to-hire, lowercost-per-hire, and ultimately, increased quality of hires.

Recruitsoftintroduced the pay-per-hire fee structure to the Web-based recruiting industryand is considered to be the best-practice ASP for recruitment managementsolutions, based on its proprietary ACE Recruiting(tm) methodology, designed incollaboration with large corporations to re-engineer and streamline thecorporate recruiting process.

Recruitsoftis the first HMS to integrate all areas of candidate sourcing. These services,accessible via one click, include: job postings on the corporate Website, thecompany Intranet, job boards, advertising in all print media and, importantly,contract-assisted candidate sourcing.

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