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2013 Game Changer: T.J. Hammond

Chief learning officer, U.S. Defense Department’s U.S. Strategic Command, Omaha, Nebraska

August 11, 2013
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T.J. Hammond is the chief learning officer for the U.S. Defense Department’s U.S. Strategic Command.

During his two years with the command, Hammond, 35, has implemented many training methods focused on combining learning with things like time in the classroom.

T.J. Hammond

In addition to improving the U.S. Strategic Command learning system, Hammond has transformed the organization’s onboarding programs, as well.

According to his Game Changers nomination, “Onboarding is now a highly social, collaborative and impactful program that has decreased the newcomer learning curve by 50 percent.”

Outside of the office, Hammond helps businesses and universities develop their own learning programs.

Thomas is a “true innovator,” says Hammond’s colleague Pat McVay, U.S. Strategic Command’s director of exercises and training.

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