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A Glimpse of Fusion

November 30, 2007
Related Topics: Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS/HRIS), Workforce Planning
Oracle devoted a number of sessions to Fusion applications at its November user conference in San Francisco. During one such seminar, Oracle senior vice president Steve Miranda said the coming software products will be productive, manageable, secure and based on standards.

Using software standards is an approach to make it easier to connect different software tools, just as standard electrical wall sockets make it easy to plug in a variety of appliances.

On the productivity front, Miranda demonstrated how Fusion applications are being built with "context menus." These pop up when a user hovers over particular elements on the screen with their cursor. Hovering over a person’s name, for example, will immediately let the user see if the person is available for an instant-messaging chat as well as provide other information such as their phone number.

Miranda also touted "embedded analytics" as a key Fusion feature. He showed how a manager about to request approval for an employee bonus can see how the proposed bonus would affect the budget. Such analysis tools will help employees make better decisions, Miranda says. "It’s not a dashboard after the fact," he says.

In addition, Oracle says Fusion will be "software-as-a-service ready." In other words, Oracle is building the applications so they can be delivered over the Internet, an approach that has been growing in popularity. Software as a service promises quicker implementations and reduced maintenance hassles compared with the traditional tactic of running business software on a customer’s internal computers.

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