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January 10, 2001
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Deloitte& Touche International Assignment Services consists of a global network ofhuman resources, tax and technology professionals to help companies develop,manage and administer cost-effective international assignment programs. 

   International Human Resources includes experienced consultants that provideassistance in policy design and best practices for human resources issuesrelated to selection, relocation, pay and administration of internationallymobile employees.


   Deloitte & Touche’s Visa & Migration Services features specialists inmore than 45 countries who can facilitate the movement of individuals in and outof various locations, in compliance with local regulations.


   Deloitte & Touche GlobalAdvantage, a client/server software, is used toattend to the complex details of maintaining and managing an internationalassignment program. 

    Deloitte & Touche and West Group have developed IHRadvisor, an Internet-basedsubscription service that gives access to a database of internationalassignment-related information. 

   The Human Capital practice assists clients in virtually all aspects of attracting, retaining, motivating, developing, compensating, organizing, and benefiting people, and consults to businesses and industries that provide and insure employee benefits. Human resource, actuarial, insurance, and managed care consultants identify, manage, and measure the human capital issues that can impact financial performance.

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