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Advantages of Using a Third-Party for Relocation

June 28, 2000
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What are the advantages of using a third-party relocation service?

  • If your company is not large enough to support in-house employee relocation assistance, outsourcing can make sense. A relocation professional can communicate directly with the employee to determine what assistance is needed, source these services to qualified companies, and can even audit transportation bills to verify that charges and tariffs were applied correctly.
  • Relocation specialists maintain close relationships with relocation companies and understand the nuances of the core services each provides. Special sources may be needed, due to regional market factors, such as locating an apartment in a community where there is a very low vacancy rate, knowing which apartments permit large dogs, or finding an affordable home in a community with skyrocketing price tags.
  • Third-party relocation services can assist companies in developing Corporate Relocation Policies, developing RFP's in order to select key vendors, and communicating corporate reimbursement procedures to applicants, employees and service companies.
  • It is not surprising that advances in automation now bring many of these relocation services direct to the corporation and employee over the Internet at no charge. Countless Web sites offer free move checklists, city-to-city salary conversion, estimated move expenses, and convenient links to local resources. Apartment and home locators allow consumers to conduct searches of their properties on the Internet, with fees paid by the listing entities (although credit application fees are typical). Intranets allow employees to access corporate relocation policies and extranets allow employees to check status on their own relocations.
  • As a result of automated delivery systems and efficiencies among business-to-business relocation networks, the fees of third-party professionals are now frequently absorbed in the costs of doing business and no direct charges are billed to the corporate client for basic services.

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