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Asess Your Company for Partnership

July 12, 2001
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The statements below are designed as an initial assessment of how your organization,division, and/or department is doing at responding to the employee search forpersonal growth and development. The assessment is meant to guide your thinking,not to provide a definative quantitative appraisal of your progress. For eachquestion below, use the scale provided to answer how true the statement is ofyour work environment: 1 = not true, 2 = somewhat true, 3 = true

__Managersand leaders in our company spend a good deal of time listening toemployees' ideas, formally and informally.
__Payis variable and rewards both team and corporate performance.
__Ourcompany is governed more by principles and values than by policies.
__Hierarchyis not important in our company. Anyone can e-mail anyone, peopleare called by their first names, and challenging those in formal leadershipis common.
__Thebooks are pretty open, and strategic information on company and teamperformance is shared regularly.
__Workershave a "stake" in the game via profit-sharing or stock ownership.
__Leadersand managers have a style that encourages people to take responsibilityand authority, with little micromanaging.


< 10
Take a full week's management retreat for brainstorming policiesthat address these concerns.
You're beginning to look responsive.
You are above average in meeting today's workers' needs, butthere is still room for improvement.
> 20
You are an inspiring example, and probably have the best workersand a strong bottom line to show for it.
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