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Assess Your Company for Noble Cause

Assess Your Company for Noble Cause

September 6, 2001
Related Topics: Corporate Culture, Retention
The statements below are designed as an initial assessment of how your organization,division, and/or department is doing at responding to the employee search forwork as a "noble cause." The assessment is meant to guide your thinking,not to provide a definative quantitative appraisal of your progress. For eachquestion below, use the scale provided to answer how true the statement is ofyour work environment: 1 = not true, 2 = somewhat true, 3 = true

__Ourcompany has a statement that describes the deeper meaning of our productor service -- for instance, making people happy, making people feelat home, preserving and improving human life.
__Employeesare involved in community service or volunteerism on behalf of thecompany.
__Ourcompany has a set of values that are meant to inspire people to higherethics and to do the right thing.
__Ourcompany has a reputation in the community for its commitment to thelarger community.
__Atlarge company meetings, results are often presented in terms of howour services have made an impact on people, not just profits.


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Take a full week's management retreat for brainstorming policiesthat address these concerns.
You're beginning to look responsive.
You are above average in meeting today's workers' needs, butthere is still room for improvement.
You are an inspiring example, and probably have the best workersand a strong bottom line to show for it.

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