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Behind the Scenes, Employers are Recruiting

May 27, 2004
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Workforce-trend gurus Roger Herman and Joyce Gioia say that the employers they’re talking to are finally busy recruiting--but that much of the work is happening behind the scenes and may not be showing up in government economic reports.

Herman and Gioia said in an e-mail to employers that "some employers have confided to us that they are engaged in what we will call ‘stealth hiring’ or ‘dry hiring.’"

According to Herman and Gioia, "stealth hiring" is recruiting quietly so that competitors don’t know what the company is up to. "Dry hiring" is when an employer takes a candidate through all the steps of the recruiting and selection process, but doesn’t yet hire the employee officially. This is used to build up a pipeline of people waiting to sign on when approval is granted.

The Herman Group consultants also say that some companies are calling back employees who were laid off during the recession. Managerial positions, sales jobs and manufacturing jobs are all picking up.

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