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Changing Culture, Changing Rewards

April 1, 1995
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An organization's culture can be defined as "What it's like to work around here." Its dimensions include the following:

  • What the organization expects from its people and how it communicates those expectations
  • How the organization does its work
  • Whether there are major class distinctions between employee groups (e.g. management vs. line employees) or if the work environment is more egalitarian
  • How and by whom decisions are made
  • How work is organized-by functions, business lines or customers
  • The level of employee involvement and to what degree employees are encouraged to take risks
  • Whether employees are encouraged to compete with one another or to support one another
  • The meaning of success in the organization.

SOURCE: Sibson & Company

Personnel Journal, April 1995, Vol. 74, No. 4, p. 32.

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