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Cingular Bybasses Paper and Speeds Hiring

By using Peopleclick’s Web-based recruitment management technologies, Cingular cuts the time and expense of a paper process.

July 3, 2002
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Metaphorically, the human resources challenge faced by the rapidly growingcommunications company Cingular Wireless was about paper. Or, rather, the needto produce less of it.

"We were in a very non-automated environment," said John Kurnick,Cingular’s executive director of staffing services. "We did have anelectronic job-posting system, but not an electronic tracking system. All we didwas post jobs. People could apply for a position, but then the system would spitout résumés that were on paper and we would then route them to our managers.It was all manual. We had a piece of paper for everything."

The advantage of using Peopleclick's process lies in its configurability.

For slightly more than a year, however, Cingular’s HR paper jungle has beencleared. By installing Peopleclick’s fully automated Web-based recruitmentmanagement solution, Cingular dramatically reduced the time, expense, andman-hours needed to move a job applicant through the hiring process.

"A job-seeker can go through our screening and selection process andultimately become an employee in a completely automated fashion," says Kurnick."We have been able to eliminate nearly 95 percent of the paper."

Cingular actively sought a fully automated beginning-to-end solution, saidKurnick. "We wanted to make the staffing process as automated as possible andkeep it as simple as possible for our recruiters and applicants. Peopleclickprovided great flexibility with which we were completely able to configure ourwork flow, and it also allowed us to do numerous things within the system, suchas e-mailing candidates and routing résumés to various people in a very simplefashion electronically. We’re able, from a recruiter’s perspective, toidentify a candidate we like and pass that candidate on to a manager."

The process, said Jim Grundner, Peopleclick’s chief technology officer, isentirely Web-based. A portal, hosted by Peopleclick, is placed on Cingular’sWeb site. "The job candidates click through the career site and it’scommunicated to both recruiters and to the hiring managers, who might have 5 or10 stores to staff. Those regional managers are then able to decide very quicklyabout staffing in new stores and also about keeping staffing up in existingstores." Also, said Grundner, the system allows Cingular to set up automatedsearch criteria "to narrow the scope of candidates down to those who have theattributes Cingular is looking for, and have those candidates automaticallydelivered to them."

The advantage of using Peopleclick’s process lies in its configurability,said Li-Chun Hsu, Peopleclick’s director of marketing. "We deliver asolution to support the business processes of Cingular in such a way that thepractice is adapted to their needs and to their definitions of easy andflexible. We are unique in our ability to provide a product that allows ourcustomers to work the way they want."

Also, she said, having an enterprise-level application that is "born on theWeb as opposed to turning an application from a client-server model into aWeb-service model is a big advantage. Not only has our application been builtand architected in a Web-service model, but Peopleclick has the experience,longevity and clientele to support a successful implementation."

A year into the process, Kurnick said that Cingular "couldn’t be moresatisfied. The nice thing about Peopleclick is that they quickly partnered withus to identify and develop the very best process that would work for us, andthey made our implementation top priority so that we didn’t miss a beat. They’revery focused on client satisfaction."

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