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Dealing With Adversity

April 7, 1999
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Sooner or later, everyone experiences disappointment, discouragement, anxiety, frustration, fear ... and the list goes on. All of these contribute in some way to a heightened stress level that impacts negatively on sales performance and results. Here are a few tips to consider the next time you feel emotionally out of control.

  1. Evaluate the conditions/circumstances in light of your long term experience, goals and/or results.

  2. Keep a journal of these situations and how they turned out. Most of the time there are positive lessons if you will just look for them.

  3. Recognize that life and people are not perfect.

  4. Just suck it in and get over it.

  5. Look for the positive in the perceived negative.

  6. Develop a mentor or coaching relationship to help you through these difficult times.

  7. Stay focused in the present.

  8. Expect a positive outcome.

  9. Do something. Take some positive action.

  10. Remember stress is an inside-out reaction to outside-in circumstances, events and people.

SOURCE: Tim Connor, Connor Resource Group, Davidson, NC

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