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EEOC Revises Guidelines for Employment Rights of People With Specific Disabilities

Cancer, diabetes, epilepsy and intellectual disabilities are listed among the revisions.

May 17, 2013
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“Nearly 34 million Americans have been diagnosed with cancer, diabetes or epilepsy, and more than 2 million have an intellectual disability," said Jacqueline Berrien, the head of the EEOC, in a written statement. “Many of them are looking for jobs or are already in the workplace. While there is a considerable amount of general information available about the ADA, the EEOC often is asked questions about how the ADA applies to these conditions.”

All four documents cover frequently asked questions by employers such as: when an employer can obtain employee medical information, how to reasonably accommodate individuals affected by the newly included impairments, how to handle workplace safety concerns brought on by these impairments, and what an employer should do to prevent and correct disability-based harassment.

The documents can be found here.

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