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Eight Tips To Avoid

April 1, 1997
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To optimize your chances for successful relationships with staffing firms in a tight labor market, consider the following tips when ordering temporary staffing:

  1. Give the staffing service as much notice as possible when placing an order, especially when placing multiple orders.
  2. Request regular updates on the status of orders and set a specific update time so you'll know if you should call other services.
  3. Ask if other companies currently have open orders with the service for the same skill you are requesting. If so, find out where you are on the list (many services have priority accounts they'll fill first).
  4. Let the service know if you have flexibility with hours and skills.
  5. Be firm about the requirements when there's no room for compromise.
  6. Keep communication open and meet with your staffing representative regularly for feedback sessions on the company's performance as your supplier.
  7. Make sure you're not holding staffing suppliers to unrealistic bill rates. Shop several services to get a comparison.
  8. Create a positive environment for temporary employees so they'll want to return for future assignments and refer other qualified workers.

Workforce, April 1997, Vol. 76, No. 4, p. 76.

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