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Employers Notified of New York Health Assessment Increase

September 11, 2008
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Employers with workers living in New York are receiving letters from state health care regulators reminding them of a temporary, supplemental increase in the annual assessments they pay to help fund a state pool used to pay for, among other things, graduate medical education.

The pool is funded by a so-called covered-lives assessment on employers with employees in New York. The amount of the annual assessment can cost employers from less than $5 per employee to just under $500 per employee, depending on where the employees live.

Legislation passed this year by the New York state Assembly that takes effect next month increases the size of the pool and adds a six-month supplemental assessment, which is payable monthly.

For example, employers with employees in the New York City region that pay an annual assessment of $149.95 for employees with single coverage and $494.50 for employees with family coverage will pay an additional assessment of $22.60 for each employee choosing single coverage and $74.58 for each employee opting for family coverage.

The amount of the supplemental assessments is much lower in other areas. In Western New York, which includes Allegany, Erie and Niagara counties, the supplemental assessment will be $3.76 per employee for single coverage and $12.41 per employee for family coverage. That special assessment is on top of the annual covered-lives assessment of $26.54 per employee for individual coverage and $87.58 per employee for family coverage.

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