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Give Correct, Balanced, and Appropriate Feedback

June 18, 1999
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Here are four pointers on giving feedback that is correct, balanced and appropriate.

  1. Remember, your credibility is on the line.
    Every time you give a person accurate feedback, you have an opportunity to build trust. If you don't do it right, you lose trust.
  2. In preparing to give feedback, stop and reflect on the content of the feedback.
    Do you really understand the situation? Are your sources reliable? Are they double-checked?
  3. Balance praise and criticism.
    When you are giving criticism, don't forget that the employee is often working very hard and making many valuable contributions. Mention them first. Also, focus on the performance, not the person or the personality.
  4. Refine and rehearse your message.
    If it's written feedback, do a first draft, and then come back in a couple days and revisit it. If it's verbal, repeat it to yourself at least once before delivering it.

SOURCE: Bruce Tulgan, RainmakerThinking, Inc.

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