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Glossary of Technological Terms

July 1, 1994
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Specialized soft-ware programs—or bits of programs—that detect specific conditions and then act on them in a highly efficient manner

Call Path Technology
A computerized phone system that routes calls as efficiently as possible, thus reducing the need for human intervention

An architecture that shares processing between the desktop (client) and the back end (server). The system is more efficient than a file server, which requires the PC to handle all processing after receiving the file from the server

Decision Support Solutions (DSS)
An application that enables users to make strategic decisions from information contained in the corporate data base

Document Imaging Processing
An automated system of scanning paper-based documents into a computer so they can be indexed and accessed electronically

Embedded Workflow
Software that operates nearly invisibly and provides an efficient way to process and route data

Software that allows networked employees to exchange data and collaborate on documents and projects. Typically, groupware automates processes—such as document management, benefits and online listings—by more efficiently routing information across the network and to the appropriate person

Software that allows a user to access additional data or jump to another portion of a document by double clicking a mouse or hitting the enter key on an indexed word or an icon

Interactive Voice Response
A computerized system that uses the telephone to guide callers through a step series of actions. Selections—made using touch-tone buttons—prompt the computer to route or compile data

Local Area Network
A group of PCs interconnected so that data can be exchanged and shared

Optical Laserdisc
A disk-based storage medium that allows a user to access and view huge amounts of data via a PC

Rules-based Routing
Software that uses an organization's rules and policies to automatically route a document to the correct individual or department

User Definable Tables
A data base that allows users to easily update and change information, thus providing the tools to redirect workflow according to an organization's changing needs

Wide Area Network (WAN)
Groups of local area networks that are interconnected to allow users to exchange and share information over a wide geographic area.

Personnel Journal, July 1994, Vol.73, No.7, p. 32 E.

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