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Helping New Employees Succeed

March 22, 2000
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Employee loyalty has gone the way of the manual typewriter. Today s frenzied labor market is producing more job-hoppers than ever. These restless employees are often encouraged to leave by jobs where there s little chance to succeed. Use these tips to provide an atmosphere of success that will enhance your retention package.

  1. Start employees off on the right foot with a strong orientation program that concentrates on what they ll be doing the first six months. Don t overwhelm them with information that has nothing to do with what they will initially be doing.

  2. Let new employees determine how much they can do. It might be more than you think they can handle, but they might surprise you and perform beyond expectations.

  3. Improve the quality of your managers by giving them formal training as soon as they are promoted. Don t be afraid of spending money on training--only to see them leave. Instead, think of what could happen if you spend no money on training--and they stay.

  4. Train select employees on how to interview job candidates. Not only is this an additional job skill, but it lets employees participate as a member of an interview team and provide valuable feedback.

  5. Provide ongoing career planning for employees. They often leave their jobs because they feel they re at a dead end.

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