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How Can the Web Help Employee Recognition

Eight sites to peruse.

January 1, 2000
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You know your organization needs to do more to reward employees. But where do you start?

With research, of course. You ve started by reading this section. Yet there's more to explore on the Web. Try the following resources for starters. The chart on this page will point you to more informational sites, and the next chart lists sites where you can start a rewards program online.


The Scoop

Best Places to Stop

From the Horse's Mouth


Sponsored by Incentive Marketing Association, whose goal is to increase Corporate America's use of incentives.

Primer on the Federal Income Tax Treatment of Incentive Awards

"There is no doubt a well developed and properly executed incentive program is an effective business tool," says the IMA's Karen Renk

National Association of Employee Recognition.

"Recognition Strategies"

"Recognition is one of the most effective ways to reinforce an organization's culture, support its objectives and retain top performers," says the NAER.

Site updated daily.

Workforce Tools, Product/service Listing.

Bulletin board at the very bottom of the Community Center to talk Pay for Performance

You'll also want to check out the Research Center. There's a category for recognition and incentives.

Partners with Mastercard to provide debit cards for employees.

"Participants" section—it allows you to check your balance and transaction history online.

"An [incentive] program can be conducted entirely online," says VP Gina Lorenz.

You send employees Flooz gift dollars, which they can cash in at various online stores.

"Flooz for Business" program, bottom of the home page.

Says Amy Woodhouse, Flooz senior VP of market strategy, "The Internet lets people pick something they'll remember."


Online portal for buying gift certificates.

Zip code search for companies. Pretty convenient.

"Everyone has a gift they secretly want," says CEO Jonas Lee. "Do you really know what your father-in-law has been eyeing at The Sharper Image?"

Another online portal for buying gift certificates.

Live customer service assistance.

"Our staff has grown to 30 times its original size," say sibling founders Doug Nielsen and Julie Mahloch.

New site planning to launch January 1.

"Ask Dr. Kudoz" Monthly column.

"If you praise behaviors that work toward company goals, you ll have one killer organization," says Neil Ruffolo, director of content development.

Workforce, January 2000, Vol. 79, No. 1, pp. 64-66.

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